My Most Important Fan

The chances that my first composition will make it to the Top Ten are probably extremely slim ( 😦 ), although people I know seem to enjoy it. However I do have one very important fan. He has little experience of music. He has absolutely no idea what is popular or what is fashionable. Concepts such as “atonal” or “tonal” have no meaning for him. He is one of those rare people who enjoy music just because it sounds pleasant to the ears. Well, I have made that assumption because he would quickly make it known if it was unpleasant. He knows which CD is “Andrew’s” (and can put it on by himself), but he probably doesn’t associate me personally with that music. He even dances to the music! He is my partner’s 2 year-old grandson. Thank you for playing my music Trent, and may your life’s musical journey bring you continuing happiness, untainted by the dictates of popularity or fashion. 🙂

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  1. Hi Andrew

    How those little chidren show us the way with their
    lives uncomplicated with just learning about life.
    I have been introducing some young students with improvisation and it is the youngest 6year old who does it best.


    • Hi Ros – that doesn’t surprise me. I have seen it too, both in my grandson (who now wants a drum kit!) and another young chap who won a NZ-wide schools composition competition at the age of (I think) 6.

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